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Wellness is more than just looking and feeling good - it is about your body function and tapping into its capacity to heal, to do everything that it is innately capable of doing to keep you healthy.  ​ We can maximize our health and wellness by having a positive mindset, putting good things into our bodies, exercising, reducing the toxins in our lives and, with the help of chiropractic adjustments - a well-functioning nervous system. Connect your brain and body and live to your optimal potential!  ​ Chiropractic works to connect the brain and the body - when we minimize the nervous system interference and communication, when the nervous system is taken out of stress mode, the body is in ease and is better able to adapt and move forward with it's innate healing capabilities.  ​ Chiropractic adjustments work hand in hand with sounds therapy as the physical is placed into ease, patterns of misalignment can be taken further into healing with the electric/energetic work of the tuning forks in the biofield. The processing of patterns can therefore move deeper.  ​ Wellness is being aware of just how valuable you are and taking actions to maximize your life experience.

Biofield Tuning

It all comes together when we remember that we are made of electrons, our body is electric, so the energy that is being tapped into with Biofield Tuning is in fact, your own electricity. ​ Anything with an electric current through it, has a magnetic field around it. For us, this is our biofield. When we have heavy emotions and experiences, we are not often taught how to process them. So we don't. We avoid feeling through it, we suppress, we deny, and ultimately we don't process it. It remains as a non-coherent static in our biofield. We continue to live life with that frequency reflecting back to our body, and attracting more of it into our lives to validate these versions of ourselves. When this continues dis-ease is created in the body.  ​ A changing magnetic field can cause electric charges to move, and a vibrating tuning fork produces electricity and therefore magnetism. So with Biofield  Tuning, we can take a coherent tuning fork and help take that static out of the biofield by entraining the non-coherence to become coherent like the tuning fork. The tuning fork therefore moves the charge within the magnetic field of the body. This shifts the way electricity is moving through the body, creating ease. It does not take away the experience, but it helps us to process it. Now the Biofield mirrors back this resonance to the body and it is able to tune itself to that new vibration. By adjusting the magnetic field, there is a shift in the flow of electricity in the body.  This flow creates a resonance of clarity, acceptance, peace.



Biofield Tuning Session

One hour spent finding peace, relaxation, and ease as you are embodied by a lovely resonance that reminds your body of where you belong.  



Group Biofield Tuning 

Connect, reconnect, find harmony within as well as within the group. Move forward with a sense of cohesiveness and a better understanding of self. 

Groups of 5 or more; $40/pp


Chiropractic Care

Aligned. Ease. Connected. 

Adjustments are neurological specific. Feel seen and heard.   

Initial Assessment: 130 adult/120 child

Subsequent Visit: 48 adult/38 child


Remote Biofield Tuning Session

One hour in the comfort of your own home as shifts occur through deep connection and intention. 

Get out of your head and into your body and be open to what shows up in your field. 



Friends/Couples Tuning 

Intentional connection and self understanding, grow as a couple or as friends by experiencing a Biofield Tuning session together. 

$180/two people 

Working with Dr. Elke was an eye-opener and a great experience. She was welcoming, professional and very open to listening. During our session I was impressed by how she understood and humbly gave feedback on her findings. Altogether this was a wonderful experience with Biofield Tuning and was definitely something I would do again in the future. 


Biofield Tuning Contraindications

I encourage the experience of this beautiful, powerful and non-invasive method with curiosity and discernment. 

Please click here to check out Biofield Tuning Cautions and Guidance 

Biofield Tuning Expectations

Every experience is beautiful and resonates unique to the individual. Entering into a Biofield Tuning session with an open mind and heart will allow for the experience that you are meant to have. 

Be aware that visuals, memories, insights, pains, emotions, thoughts, or any sort of information can surface. If they surface for you, be fully present and allow it to move through so your body can process it, rather than suppress it. Be open, curious and respectful to your experience and just breathe, allowing for the processing to occur how it's meant to. 

As a human being, you are capable of navigating your own inner world and you have the power to heal. There is nothing to fear here. By remaining conscious and witnessing the possible rising uneasiness, you can create an organic transformative moment, but it requires that you trust yourself and the process. 

You can expect to have a sense of tension release, and a sense of ease. It's beautiful to experience how each session presents love to those involved. 

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