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I'm so glad you've made it to this little slice of the internet where you are greeted with the most love, where there is no bad news, and where it's all about living in ease. WELCOME.

On the very slight chance you want to know a bit about me...this is my story...

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My Story

My name is Elke Niddery - I get to be a mom to two absolute lights of the world, a wife to a rad dad, a Chiropractor, and Biofield Tuning practitioner - all roles that light me up on my soul's journey here. I am always down to be outside, being active and being with people who bring out the best in me. I believe in being honest, in seeing things from different perspectives, in honouring what feels right to you, in empowering our children to live in their essence, in respecting others, and in love always being the answer. 

I have been practicing chiropractic since 2015 and Biofield Tuning since the beginning of 2023 - and even though the title is recent, the intuition, the deep sensing, and the openness that my soul has had to what is meant to be communicated and where 'adjustments' are needed has been something that I have felt for many years. My first 'patient' experience as a chiropractor, I placed my hand on their spine and was over taken by a deep pain, that I felt not as 'pain' but a heaviness and discomfit within myself. I have since been open and tuned into this deep sensing - it has led to a dynamic, connected and sincere practice that I am honoured to share with those who come to see me. 

I am committed to serving others by supporting them in their physical body as well as their energetic body, to release tension, to live in ease, and to honour the best version of themselves. Knowing that these meat suits only serve to house our souls as they experience this physical reality, let's move toward up-leveling our consciousness and love for ourselves and others.

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