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Dr. Elke 

Chiropractor, Pre and Post Natal Fitness Coach


My name is Elke. I have two souls who have given me the honour of birthing and being mother to them, and an incredible husband. We love the outdoors, exploring this planet at every level and living a simple life full of wholesome food, kindness and integrity.


As a chiropractor I recognize the need for more specific care for pregnant and postnatal women; especially when it comes to discomfort during pregnancy and the normalization of leakage when jumping and running - I noticed this specifically while I worked at a CrossFit gym. In practice, I specialize in pregnancy and kids, and as a postpartum woman, I have learned the importance of rehabilitating my body, in particular my core and pelvic floor, in order to have function and strength. This is why I coach as well. 

If you are postpartum (no matter for how long) and your body is giving you the signals that something just isn't right, or if you are pregnant and want to feel strong and prepare for labour and after, I hear you and I can relate. 


Whether you are thinking of becoming pregnant, or are 30 years postpartum, you can have the life, the pregnancy, the comfort and the strength that you desire. You are in charge of you. No one can heal and love your body more than you can. Take the steps in your life to create the life that you want. If you need support, I am here for you. 



Courses, Ebooks, and more Joy to add to your life of wellness. 

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