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Turning Tension into Harmony

Settle into ease. Feel inner harmony. Flow into alignment.
About Section

Health is living in coherence

True wellness transcends merely looking or feeling good. 

I am Dr. Elke and my focus is supporting your health by helping you to achieve optimal function and cultivate a sense of ease within your body. When we are in ease, physically as well as mentally and energetically, there is really no room for dis-ease. 

My practice is rooted in the understanding that our bodies are interconnected, and true health encompasses physical, mental, and emotional harmony. With a calm nervous system, and a body in coherence with its energy field, we are able to release tension, heal, feel lighter, more resilient and discover and healthy flow of energy that not only allows you to function optimally but illuminate your life and consciousness.  

Here's to nourishing your body and your soul. 


 Chiropractic and Sound Therapy go well together just as well as they are effective individually. Healing happens from the inside out. Our emotions and our ability to process them, directly affect our health. Even clients with physical concerns have been greatly impacted through the creation of ease in the nervous system and by energetically making space for shifts in emotional patterns through my work.


Through chiropractic adjustments and/or sound therapy sessions, space is made for you to ease tension in your body and trust that the innate intelligence of your body can even shift the very nature of your reality.  


Book a treatment today and start your journey to a healthier you.

Offerings + Pricing



 Biofield Tuning

Group Biofield Tuning

Put your nervous system at ease and therefore optimize your body's innately wonderful functioning. 


Initial Assessment: 130 

Subsequent Visits: 48

Tuning your Biofield is the elegant way of getting to the root of what is causing tension and increasing the voltage of our body which makes your body more powerful, healthy, resilient, and able to function optimally. 

Feel in ease. Feel replenished. Feel you. 


1hr Session: 110

Group sessions focus more on the collective patterns of the group itself. 

Any group can be tuned. This helps to alleviate tensions, stress, and misalignments, fostering more cohesiveness, calm and harmony within the group. 

5 or more people: 40/pp

Working with Dr. Elke was an eye-opener and a great experience. She was welcoming, professional and very open to listening. During our session I was impressed by how she understood and humbly gave feedback on her findings. Altogether this was a wonderful experience with Biofield Tuning and was definitely something I would do again in the future. 



The Mom Planner

As a mom, there is zero need for 'something else' to do.


The mom planner is a heart-led place to organize and plan while also being in the moment and honouring and celebrating where you are right now. 


Experience a shift away from tension and into harmony when using The Mom Planner.

The Essential ABCs

Baby books are for babies. But what if they benefit the child as well as the one reading it? 

This book was created to bring visual and cognitive stimulation to the child, as well as uplift and remind the reader of the essential concepts of love and self-worth. 

May we inspire our young to live in their true essence, and not lose sight of our own. 

Experience a shift into ease when reading The Essential ABCs.

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